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Jkiller's Tier List

Posted by Jkiller on September 24, 2011 at 5:50 PM

Attention: The TierList will be discontinued because of not enough freetime. However I will create a new blog about AD carries and general metatalks.

Jkiller's Tier List




Draft mode                                                                       Zyra Era Part 1

Disclaimer: 1) Only Champion's roles that fit to the current meta are presented here. 2) This TierList is solely my own opinion.

AD Carries

Tier 1: Kog’ Maw, Corki, Graves, Urgot,

Tier 2: Vayne, Tristana, Ashe, Sivir, Ezreal,

Tier 3: Miss Fortune, Draven

Tier 4: Varus, Caitlyn,

Tier 5: Twitch

AP Nukers

Tier 1: Karthus, Ryze, Morgana, Ahri, 

Tier 2: Anivia, Vladimir, Galio, Cassiopeia, Kennen, Twisted Fate, Kog’ Maw, Mordekaiser, Swain, Kassadin,

Tier 3: Xerath, Orianna, Gragas, Rumble, Le Blanc

Tier 4: Viktor, Katarina, Lux, Malzahar, Veigar, Fizz, Brand, Annie, Ziggs, Zilean,

Tier 5: Heimerdinger, Sion



Tier 1: Shen, Kayle, Irelia, Renekton, Jax, Malphite, Olaf, Riven, Warwick, Udyr, Yorick,

Tier 2: Darius, Nidalee, Mundo, Shyvana, Wukong, Cho'Gath, Singed, Lee Sin, Gankplank, Jarvan,

Tier 3: Akali, Fiora, Tryndamere, Pantheon

Tier 4: Garen, Talon

Tier 5: Nasus, Volibear


Tier 1: Lulu, Leona, Alistar, Janna, Soraka

Tier 2: Nunu, Taric, Blitzcrank, Sona,

Tier 3: Karma

Tier 4: Kayle

Tier 5: Nidalee, Lux



Tier 1: Nautilus, Maokai, Nocturne, Alistar, Mundo, Udyr, Lee Sin, Shyvana,

Tier 2: Olaf, Amumu, Skarner, Warwick, Riven, Gankplank, Trundle, Rammus, Jarvan, Nunu

Tier 3: Tryndamere, Cho Gath,

Tier 4: Fiddlesticks, Shaco

Tier 5: Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Yorick, Twitch, Evelynn





Tristana moved up in Tier 2: Until recent tournaments Tristana was underrated for several reasons. A champion’s worth can change even without touching him. This happened with her. First reason of her reappereance is that the metagame is now focused around the damage of the ad carry and its scaling instead of the ap carry’s. So instead of picking an early game carry like cait or sivir teams prefer hard scaling (vayne kogmaw) or jack-of-all-trades (Corki, graves) carries. Second reason is the nerfs of the other late game carries like Vayne, graves and kog. Vayne has become a mediocre pick and this cleared the path for Tristana to shine.


Ashe moved down in Tier 2: Ashe offers utility, however nowadays ad carry should provide tons of damage and let the ap to take care of the CC. This is why ashe has somewhat disappeared in the competitive scene. However, if the meta changes she will again find her spot.


Anivia moved up in Tier 2: Froggen reminded to other ap carries the true potential of Anivia. Her wall is just epic for catching enemies out of position. High amounts of CC and counter to poke/siege comps because of her wave clearing.


Cassiopeia moved down to Tier 2: She works like an ad carry by providing single-target dps however as ad carries do she needs same protection sho she can have the seconds to deal damage. You cant have two dps, ad carries scale better and Karthus fills kinda the same role better because he will have time to deal samage because of his passive. These are the reasons that made Cassiopeia fall.


Twisted Fate moved up in Tier 2: He is kinda weaker than the other mages but he can put pressure to other lanes by ganking continuously. In a coordinated team this can give a great advantage.


Xerath moved down to Tier 3: Felt he was too high. He is kinda lackluster. He is strong but high mobility champions hard counter him.


Orianna moved up in Tier 3: Orianna was used a bit in the recent tours but with the latest buffs I believe she will become a more common pick.


Malzahar moved up in Tier 4: At last. Malzahar who was one of the best ap carries at season 1 championship got seriously nerfed that made him borderline UP. However now he got buffed and he will prolly find a way for a higher place in the TierList.


Lux moved up in Tier 4: Got some minor buffs.


Veigar moved up In Tier 4: felt he was kinda low.


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Reply FiWi
10:12 AM on September 25, 2011 
o ezreal dn ine sto tier 1???
katse na to di o sta9is :P
oreo site btw
Reply ShapeShift3R
11:20 AM on September 30, 2011 
Mia le3h perigrafei ta panta GG!
Reply Jkiller
8:16 AM on November 9, 2011 
o elementz me antigrafei! molis evale galio irelia sona tier 1 tous opoious tous eixa poly kairo ekei. eimaste pio mrosta apo tous clg :P
Reply FiWi
4:54 PM on December 1, 2011 
9elis sto solo top ke riven, nomizo tier 2,
ine polu kali ( alla oxi ke king of the lane ;) )
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