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Wanna Shot Something?

Posted by Jkiller on August 26, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Wanna Shoot Something?

A new blog about about ad carries. 

ADC play a major role currently at League of Legends. Their raw power, pushing ability, and non stop ranged dps are advantages that cant be ignored. Even though their early game is weak and  they are fragile champions you do need one if you want even to hope for a victory.

Trinity of AD Carries

Nowadays in competitive scene we can cleary see some patterns in how ad carries are picked. Most played ADC are Corki, Ezreal and Graves which are in my opinion the strongest ADCs that LoL has to offer. This trinity offer powerfull laning phase which will utterly destroy any late game carry (like tristana or kogmaw) bundled with a stronger than average late (with corki having the best scale and ezreal the worst). So this means that in the current meta ad carries need to be strong in any stage of the game. 

Nerfhammer strikes swiftly

Riot however understood this and will nerf these ADC. Ezreal W made him FOTM because its so easy to land coupled with epic base dmg. In other words this is the ultimate harrass tool. Before this realization Ezreal was a mediocre AD only picked as a counter pick to certain champions (like blitzcrank).

Graves was OP at release and he was nerfed nonstop. However Riot failed till now to understand why he was so damn good. It was his combination of epic laning with epic lategame power. Strong abilites, strong AA steroid and a tankiness never seen before in adcarries. He was good at everything. Riot nerfed his early game power by nerfing his abilities however they didnt touch quick draw until now. So he had still a good early and an epic late game. But now they will reduce quickdraw making him "jack of all trades master of none"

Corki had the same issues as graves being strong always. even though they will not change his dps (which is a good choice by riot) they will reduce his ammo (that was nearly unlimited making the ammo system useless) and they will increase the cd of valkyrie so he will need better positioning. i believe we will continue to see him because of his excellent kit.

Future Predictions

My best bet is that we will see lategame carries like kogmaw and tristana more now that the ADC trinity is nerfed. The past may be able to show us the future because at Season 1 championship we had a similar situation where the only ADCs were Ashe and Corki. When they were nerfed, people started playing all ADCs to find the best so we had a great variety of choices that era. So its my firm belief that this will be repeated and we will see more variety in picks. Even though the trinity will be nerfed they will still be picked a lot because its not a hardcore nerf like the dreamhack one.

Rise of Tristana?

I believe that Tristana will become one of the most tempting options. This is mostly because she was always a strong ad carry but lacked something. This lack however will become ignorable because riot nerfs more than buffs. excluding corki, ezreal and graves her main competitors will be kog maw, ashe and sivir. Kog maw is probably the most powerfull ad carry in game, however his lack of escape mechanism makes him relliant to his team. You need to create a team composition around him or he is useless. This lack of versatility holds him back from beckoming a mainstream option. Even though ashe is overall a very good champion his doesn't fit the current meta so well. Her main power is CC and utility however nowadays CC is provided mostly by the mid and the jungler and the ad is supposed to offer as much dps as possible. 

Sivir on the other hand is the main competitor of tristana. Her main problem is her small range however she is an overall strong champion with good early and good late game.

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