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Posted by Annivas on December 7, 2011 at 1:20 PM

Volibear era

Such a wierd patch i would say....Hmm the jungle remake is propably sth riot did in order to enable easier but less beneficial jungling,sth indicating that riot wants everyone being able of jungling yet this comes with  great catch.The fact that ganking became less frequent for most junglers isnt a good thing...

Ok lets get to business now:)

Jarvan IV

Ummm well the  flag-spear move could use that utility change since iv seen some fails that were just a bit irritating to see.

Well martial cadence needed the change to physical so that its in harmony with his dmg output.


Well i think they mostly did it cuz of the tele+revive combo that would allow karthus to deal dmg while beind able to... survive in teamfights(in a wierd way) getting focused even tho i still dont think its the wall they should focus on...


Lol finally fixing this ultra retarded bug xD


hmm well the shumpo change did create some confusion so its prolly good that they did that.


Well umm good to clarify that


Hmmm its true that since the support change u almost never see a support going ability power so maybe they would like to change that by increasing taric's ap ratios to the point that he is viable as tnaky ap...maybe.

Sivir remake

On the one hand its a pretty good think that they actually trying to... u know fix dat champ...and the truth is that they actually did a good job on her q and ricochet change was imo a nice idea although it does need a small buff.What wasnt rly good was the ult thing, i believe that they shouldn't nerf the as and ms it gives.Im not quite sure about her passive.

Well thats pretty much it, not very good but at least they kinda know what they have to do...

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