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Wanna Shot Something? Vol. 2

Posted by Jkiller on September 15, 2012 at 6:35 AM

Wanna Shot Something? Vol. 2

Last patch (without counting syndra's; no balance changes) did changed a lot the ad carry competitive scene. Was it for good or not? Lets find out!


Before Late August patch there was a strange but ergonomic phenomenon. There were 3 ad-carries that was most used and kinda better than anyone else. These 3 were Corki, Graves and Ezreal. All of them are strong early, mid, late game and nicely balanced. It was up to the player to win his lane not at champion balance or power peak. OK only three viable ad carries out of 14 is bad but its better than now.


Riot understood that everyone was playing only the so called ad-carry Triad. So they decided to nerf all of them. They were almost at the same level before so the nerfs should be equal. Or not?


Graves' quickdraw was nerfed but it wasn't a big deal in actual numbers. He loses only 0.1 AS in late game with zerkers and PD. He is still very strong.


Cokri nerfs was non arguably the biggest. Missile Barrage nerf isn't a big deal. Valkyrie CD increase was a hit but passive was decimated. Hextech Shrapnel Shells no longer benefit from critical strikes. This is a huge DPS nerf.


Ezreal is the big problem of the current bot lane. His nerfs was thin air. He is just overpowered. He is always picked and has the highest W/L ratio of any champion ingame. He needs some nerfs as soon as possible.

Proposed Changes

This is what riot should do to make more ad carries viable:


Increased movement speed to 305 (PBE patchnotes say that it will happen)

Night Hunter: Now gains 35 (up from 30) flat MS when moving towards a nearby visible enemy champion.


Explosive shot is now on next basic attack.( When used it will enhance next autoattack that will deal the normal dmg and e's dmg)

Bustershot now has an 0.3 bonus AD ratio.


Range increased to 525


Hextech Shrapnel Shells benefit from critical strikes.
Base Damage reduced by 2.2

Ezreal should be nerfed but i dont know where exactly. Probably at base stats or the AS debuff.

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