Greek Gods

Greek Gods

Go4LoL gr 3

We participated in the Go4lolgr 3 and we manage to win our way till RO16 where we faced one of the best greek league of legends teams I quit Gaming. Even though it was a great game with a lot of suspense being 40/40 in kills, their advanced tactics gave them the victory.



Recorded Game with Greek Commentator

Greek Gods Are back!

We were inactive for some time, and we didn't participate in major tournaments like Greek Launch Event. However Greek Gods are back with two new subs: The AD Carry Tsipeer and the Supporter Uf theDumbDancer. Our aim is now to participate at GreekBalkanLeague and hit the highest place possible. The tournament starts at 27/8/2012 21:00.

Cowboytv tournament

CowboyTV tournament started yesterday where we faced Stand against Brutality in a Best of 3 match. We won 2 games in a row that gave us the ticket for round 32. There we faced Intelligent Idiots and we emerged victorious in both games. We managed to arrive at Ro16 where we will face Elements in, most likely, a great series of games.


Greek Gods

Greek Gods is a competitive Greek League of Legends team.